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Ventura County News Roundup

FILLMORE : City Council Votes to Restore Salaries

February 11, 1993|RODNEY BOSCH

Fillmore City Council members have voted to reinstate their salaries of $75 a month, although two members voted against the action.

Since 1990, Fillmore has been the only city in Ventura County that was not compensating its council members. The salary will become effective immediately.

At Tuesday's meeting, council members Linda Brewster and Scott Lee voted against the monthly pay, which was suspended in October, 1990, because of budget constraints. Roger Campbell, Don Gunderson and Mayor Michael McMahan voted in favor of the proposal.

Council members will continue to receive $50 a month for expenses.

"We deserve to be paid, but it's just bad timing," Brewster said. "There's been a lot of increases for fees and services and things will probably get worse." By not accepting the salary, Brewster said, "we can set a good example and be a good role model."

Although council members could pay themselves up to $300 a month under state law, a city measure passed by voters in 1966 set the limit for Fillmore council members at $75, officials said. Council members would need approval of the city's voters to increase their pay beyond the $75 monthly rate.

"The amount is a trivial issue in terms of my own income," said Don Gunderson. "We're dealing with substantial items, like budgets and law. Even the smallest amount of money can make (council members) feel more responsible and accountable."

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