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Opposition to VFW's Move Into the Area

February 11, 1993

For two long years, the La Crescenta neighborhood has been strongly opposing the VFW bar from coming into our family-oriented community.

With complete disregard for the neighborhood concerns, and in complete violation of our R-1 status, the city of Glendale has refused to reverse their decision they made in favor of the VFW.

They gave them the right to relocate their bar that has been operating for years in the proper commercial location and set it up in the La Crescenta American Legion Hall. The fact that this hall sits in a highly populated residential R-1 district, and we pay taxes for that, was of no importance to the city.

It has been a real struggle for the neighborhood group protesting this injustice. This area is made up mostly of very young families and elderly residents on fixed incomes. It has been a real hardship to try to keep after the system in trying to stop this action. The many costly court cases and legal hearings have taken their toll both in time and money. In fact, the two young families that have spearheaded this protest from the start are themselves in debt over $13,000.

The VFW has never faltered from its course. They are adamant they will move into the rent-free American Legion Hall and bring their bar. They will sell liquor from 10 in the morning until 10 at night seven days a week. It is ludicrous to take the position that this should be of no concern to the community and this action will not affect the neighborhood.

None of them live on the streets involved nor attend the church located right next door to this hall. It is doubtful that any are parents of young children who pass this building every day walking to the elementary school up the road.

The traffic around this hall area is horrendous. The streets are loaded with kids playing on the road because we do not have sidewalks. Now they want us to contend with a significant increase of traffic coming and going day and night with drinking drivers as well.

The VFW and the American Legion have taken the final steps in making this bar a reality. They got what they wanted from the city. Now they have to obtain permission from the state to transfer their liquor license from a commercial zone and set up in our R-1 district.

They have already submitted their application to the Alcoholic Beverage Control Department to do just that. This board has the right to grant or deny this application.

The community still is in strong opposition and one does not have to be a resident of Glendale to register a protest.


La Crescenta

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