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Police Response to Gang Problem

February 14, 1993

There have been a lot of problems with a gang on Carondelet Street. There was lots of shooting for a while, almost every night. They moved in after the riots, about June of last year. These are really bad, dangerous people. They have guns with them all the time.

We wrote a letter to the police. They came around here and gave us a bad time for writing the letter. You can call the police but they won't even come. If they do, it is two or three hours later.

There is drug-selling on this street day and night. The police just drive by, do nothing.

We wrote a letter to the City Council. Didn't hear anything from them.

Things were better when (Daryl) Gates was police chief. The police chief we have now (Willie L. Williams) doesn't do anything. I guess he does things for the rich; he doesn't do anything for the poor. At first I thought this man would be a good police chief but I was wrong. I thought he would do something about the gang, but he has done nothing. I believe he should be replaced.

You can't depend on the police. I guess they expect us to start carrying guns.



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