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Head of Cheviot Group Answers Yaroslavsky Letter

February 14, 1993

Councilman Zev Yaroslavsky's Jan. 24 letter assails the Cheviot Hills Homeowners Assn. for not involving itself with the "Fox ad hoc committee," a purportedly independent group to examine traffic impact of the (20th Century Fox Studios expansion) project. We declined out of concern that, because of the way the committee was set up, its work could be compromised and not truly independent. The "independent traffic consultant," for example, would be approved and funded by Fox.

Yaroslavsky has accused us of not providing meaningful information, not giving him input and trying to drive Fox out of Century City. On the contrary, during my tenure as president of our association, we have expended considerable time and energy analyzing Fox's traffic studies and environmental impact report. We employed a professional traffic consultant, legal and economic experts. Most of the resulting documents have been public record since March, 1992. Our contributions have been ignored by the councilman.

Cheviot is not trying to drive Fox out of the community. Fox can remodel, restore and rebuild within the parameters of the Century City South Specific Plan, which provides for consideration of appropriate expansion proposals.

Throughout the '80s, Yaroslavsky heralded the CCSSP as "courageous city zoning." The plan allowed Fox to remain in Century City and provided for residential rather than commercial development, should Fox sell the property. Fox has now demanded that the CCSSP be dumped, and Yaroslavsky has proceeded to aggressively attack his constituents for supporting it. He even refused to invite us to a related meeting at his office, citing as his reason our community's support for his opponent in the 1989 council election.

Councilman Yaroslavsky's constituent-bashing is just so much political rhetoric and his accusations describe his behavior, not ours.


Los Angeles

Reisbord is president of the Cheviot Hills Homeowners Assn.

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