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Northridge Should Heed Panel's Advice

February 14, 1993

One needs look no further than the CSUN administration to understand that yesterday's radical is today's campus administrator. In spite of their hand-picked, blue-ribbon committee that determined it was in the university's best interest to pursue Division 1-AA football, (two administrators) are threatening to disband the football team.

While the attitude of the sixties sourpuss, Kopita, is not surprising, that of Wilson is shocking.

Back in the late 1960s Northridge was on the verge of stepping up and becoming a power in its class. San Diego State and Fresno State were our rivals, and we were their equals. Their administrations made a commitment to their programs and look where they are now. The CSUN Senate panned athletics and athletes went other directions.

Through the thankless efforts of (Athletic Director) Bob Hiegert, CSUN has three good paydays on next year's schedule. The football program is once again on the verge of contributing to the university, and the powers that be are threatened.

While we are not the types to stage sit-ins in (the president's) office, I am hoping that all who have been associated with the CSUN athletic department or who care about it let Blenda Wilson know how we feel about her pending decision.

Severe damage has probably already been done by her remarks; we refer to recruiting. Blenda, please rectify the harm done by your statements before it gets any worse.


Woodland Hills

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