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QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS : Touring Civil War Battlefields, Seeing Broadway Shows

February 14, 1993|ERIC FRIEDHEIM

Question: We're interested in Civil War history. Are there tours that include some of the famous battlefields, and, if so, who offers them?

Answer: A number of Civil War tours are offered by specialized operators who are in regular contact with national Civil War groups, historians and National Park Service authorities who oversee various historical battle sites. Among leading Civil War history tour organizers: Travel America, based in West Allis, Wis., (414) 258-4886; Specialty Tours of Beverly, Mass., (800) 225-2553, and Dallas-based HistoryAmerica Tour (800-628-8542), which is offering a number of trips this year with prices in the $800 range, not including air fare.

Q: Can one obtain tickets to Broadway plays by calling the Broadway Show Line that was established last year by the theaters?

A: The Broadway Show Line, (212) 563-BWAY, describes the shows, gives box-office prices and enables patrons to book Broadway and off-Broadway productions.

Q: Has the Internal Revenue Service ever ruled that frequent-flier bonus miles are taxable and must be declared as income?

A: The IRS has never issued a clear-cut decision, but its auditors can rule any type of award, including free travel, to be taxable.

Q: What are the "SuperCities" travel programs and where do they go?

A: Designed for independent, go-at-any-time travelers, "SuperCities Great Escapes" are package tours to about 15 U.S. and 15 European cities--including New York, New Orleans, San Francisco, Paris and Rome. Some tours include meals, hotels, air transportation, sightseeing and car rentals. For brochures, call (800) 333-1234.

Q: What types of new passenger planes are being built and when do they go into service?

A: The McDonnell Douglas MD-12 has two full-length decks, will carry 511 people and is scheduled to start flying in 1997. The company's smaller M-90s start domestic flights next year, as does the A340 Airbus. The 400-seat Boeing 777 lifts off in 1995. Airbus and Boeing planes that can carry more than 600 passengers are planned for the next century.

Q: We're going to France. Are there many golf courses available to tourists?

A: France welcomes golfers and has a variety of courses available to visitors. "The Complete Golfing Vacation Guide to France" is free from Golf International, (800) 833-1389.

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