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L.a. Speak

February 21, 1993|Gena D'Angona

Surfin' the slopes: snowboard slang:

bone out v . to bring a knee down parallel with the board during a stunt.

burly adj. impressive. "Check out his burly disaster slide!"

Canadian bacon n. a jump in which a boarder grabs the board between his legs.

cut adj. old, outdated. "That move is so cut ."

disaster slide n . 180-degree turn that ends in a rail slide. "He launched off a mogul and pulled a disaster slide at the ledge."

fakie v . to ride a snowboard backwards.

half-pipe n . a chute carved in snow; used for snowboarding tricks.

macking v . riding fast and aggressively.

Mr. Wilson n. a hard fall, bottom first.

poke v . to touch an object with a snowboard while jumping it. "Did you see J. D. poke that stump?"

slip the pipe v . to clean snowballs from the half-pipe using the rails of a snowboard. Also used by experienced riders to insult novices. "Get off the mountain and slip the pipe!"

stalefish n . a jump in which the boarder grabs the back of the board.

wanker two-planker n . a skier.

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