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LETTERS IN VIEW : Story of 'One Teen's Abortion' Elicits Plea to 'Value Life'

February 24, 1993

Abcarian comes down too hard on the system, a system that really does help penniless people obtain the quality services they need.

For one thing, I am sure Abcarian's friend obtained an appointment at the Santa Monica Planned Parenthood Clinic within 48 hours of her request, or she may just have walked in and was seen. Because we serve walk-ins and we do not turn anyone away, patients sometimes have to wait.

Although Robin's friend waited (and haven't we all waited in doctors' offices), she received care from trained staff and was given correct counsel, information and referrals. I know this because I have reviewed the chart.

We need to remind ourselves how fortunate we are to have Medi-Cal funding for abortions in California, one of only 12 states which do.

Also, as health-care costs escalate and health-care reform is here, maybe we should not be too critical of the Medi-Cal bureaucracy check on each client's need for taxpayers funds. After all, this young woman, who delayed seeking medical care, received what she needed and wanted: a safe, legal, second-trimester abortion fully subsidized by the state.


Executive Director

Planned Parenthood

Los Angeles

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