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A Mega Fan Emphasizes the Moral Fiber of Material Girl : Sean Matlock has papered his walls with more than 300 Madonna posters. But the Brea clerk says the singer embodies a lot more important qualities than sex appeal.


Though much of her work toys with sexuality and fantasy, Matlock says he doesn't fantasize about that aspect of her.

"It's funny, a lot of people assume that. I'm not interested in her that way. I think she's a real intelligent person. I like her humor." (As Matlock spoke, I was leafing through "Sex.") "No, I like her music. I like her talent. But as far as sleeping with her or having a relationship with her, I don't see myself in that capacity.

"If I could be anybody for a week, I think I would be her assistant, whose name is Melissa. It would be neat to work with someone that close. I'm more of a behind-the-scenes person."

Matlock would like a career in the arts, but presently he's going for a degree in human resources management and is working in his government job. He doesn't think he's ducking reality through his fascination with Madonna, noting, "Last semester, I carried 11 units and worked a 60-hour week, so it doesn't take away from anything."

If anything, he finds that Madonna gets him through the day.

"I put a lot of pressure on myself to be as close to perfect as I can get, to do a really good job in my work. I think she does that a lot too, puts a lot of pressure on herself. She can do a performance and 100 people can tell her how much they liked it and one can tell her he didn't, and she'll remember that one person. I think I do that to myself a lot.

"Sometimes, too much pressure can bring me down, say if things didn't all go right at work, and I'll come home and put in a Madonna CD and after the song's over my whole mood is different. It's totally uplifting to me. That's what I like about her most, that she can change my mood."

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