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L.a. Speak

March 07, 1993|Jennie Nash

When a newborn arrives on the scene, new parents find themselves speaking a whole new language:

devil cards: n. cards with black-and-white illustrations and patterns that entrance newborns.

do the chicken: v. to bob the head; often done by a hungry infant. "It must be dinner time--he's doing the chicken again."

emergency exit: n. Cesarean section incision. "Her baby's head was too big, so they took him out the emergency exit. "

family development project: n. pregnancy. "She doesn't have the flu; she's working on a family development project. "

Michelin baby: n. a baby with prominent rolls of fat. "Did you see the thighs on that Michelin baby ?"

milk drunk: adj. drowsiness induced by severe satiation. "She's milk drunk. "

parent polka: n. side-to-side swaying motion used to calm screaming infants, often employed by new parents even when they don't have a babe in arms. "During her presentation to the president of the company, Jane was doing the parent polka. "

Samsonite: n . diaper bag. "Do you have the Samsonite ?"

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