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Realtor Explains Commission Plan

March 09, 1993

I recently read the article by Ron Galperin headed "Sands Agents Given Option to Pay Only Brokerage Fees" (Valley Business, Feb. 16). It mentioned that an owner, before listing his property, should inquire about the agent's relationship with his or her company and that this can make a big difference when it comes to selling a home.

We established a 100% commission program for extremely high earners who wish to join our company or for top producers from within our company who wish to make a change. This new program is only one of many that we are introducing to reinvent ourselves as a company in these rapidly changing times so that we can further enhance our No. 1 market share in the Valley.

We provide the same high level of supervision and support to 100% agents as we do to all of our other agents. We only hire the best agents that have a reputation for success, integrity and professionalism, whether they are coming in on the 100% program or a conventional commission split program.

I am not sure that someone reading the article would have understood the preceding points.

At Fred Sands Realtors, all clients receive the same marketing, advertising and public relations support, irrespective of the commission program that their agent has with us.

In the event an agent falls behind in his or her obligations to the company, or leaves the company, Fred Sands Realtors will continue its marketing obligations to the client.

We know that in spite of the fact that we spend over $3 million a year in advertising, marketing and public relations, the majority of our business comes from referrals from satisfied customers.


Los Angeles

Sands is president of Fred Sands Realtors .

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