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City Hearings on Fox Studio Expansion

March 11, 1993

In its "probable approval" of the Fox expansion plan, the Los Angeles City Planning Commission appears to be redefining "city planning." Some examples:

Job creation now seems to mean "the process of taking jobs from one area of the city and moving them to another."

If an intersection is already gridlocked, or close to it, "adding more traffic is OK--It won't make any difference."

The fact that sewage and other infrastructure are already overloaded doesn't matter. "Somehow, magically, the future will be better."

"Bigger is better, no matter what!"

"When data, no matter that it may be expertly procured, is presented on behalf of ordinary citizens, it may be categorically ignored."

"A developer no longer has to produce detailed plans of their proposed project. Their reputation alone, and/or claim of hardship, will satisfy city planning."

"Live for today and let the devil take tomorrow!" If a developer can convince the city that it will have an effect on the local economy (no matter how specious the data), "Give them what they want."

And, finally, "future" is redefined to mean "the time between the application for a project and the moment when city agencies sign the OK." After that, no matter what the countless possibilities, whims and inclinations of the players (the developer and the city) involved, and no matter what the potential consequences of those whims and inclinations, citizens can just take their chances.

Doesn't sound much like "planning," does it?


Los Angeles

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