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Top Tykes With the Drop of a Hat


With spring just around the corner, it may be time to dress up your little tyke for a special outing. Besides donning a pantsuit or dress and good shoes and socks, try adding a hat.

"Hats are one of the biggest accent pieces for kid's clothes," says Gloria Cipri-Kemer, owner of Kiddie Kastle in Cypress. "They add a lot of flair to any outfit."

Take a look at children's fashions today and you'll see many hats paired with dressy and casual clothing. At Lucy Max in Laguna Beach, store owner Bernadette Whelan says the company makes hats to go with just about every dress the store carries.

If your little boy or girl has a favorite current heroine or hero, you may even be able to find a hat and accompanying clothing. "We carry 'Beauty and the Beast' and 'Aladdin' hats with matching outfits," says Stacy Miller, junior assistant manager at the Little Folks Shop in Brea.

The following sampling of stores carries a wide variety of image-enhancing hats for your little one:


These stores sell a number of hats, including a Flaphappy cotton sun hat with a wide brim, which Jennifer Graves, manager of the Lake Forest store, says can be turned up and pinned to imitate a "flapper look." The hat comes in white, pink, red and a floral pattern of pink, fuchsia and teal green ($9, small to extra-large).

For a frilly girl's hat, Graves suggests the Easter bonnet. This cotton hat has a round top with a small brim and goes well with a fancy dress. It comes in white with an attached pink or white satin ribbon or lace ($6, for newborns to Sizes 2 or 3).

The boy's version of the Flap-happy hat is a cotton baseball-style cap with a flap that falls down in the back to protect the neck from the sun's rays. It comes in solid blue, red, white, yellow or pink and primary-colored prints in animal, jungle, cowboy or surfer themes ($9, small to extra-large).

The stores also carry boy's Easter bonnets with a round top and small brim. These are white cotton with white or blue piping around the brim ($6, fit newborns to age two).

22953 Ridge Route Drive, Lake Forest, (714) 951-0444; 28971 Street of the Golden Lantern, No. A 107, Laguna Niguel, (714) 249-3736; 13771 Newport Ave., Tustin, (714) 832-7373, and 20519 E. Yorba Linda Blvd., Yorba Linda, (714) 693-2828.


This children's hair salon sells a variety of hats and hair accessories and specializes in making custom hats to match outfits.

In boy's head wear, you'll find a Marvel engineer hat with a choo-choo train on the front. This is a denim blue with horizontal white stripes ($6, small, medium and large). The store also has a denim fisherman's hat in primary colors ($6, small, medium and large).

For girls, the store has a Kids' Precious wide-brimmed white or pink straw hat with ribbons and felt flowers in lavenders, pinks, aqua or lilac ($15, infant through large). There is also a straw hat with attached glazed fruit that comes with a matching handbag ($25 for the set, infant through large).

The Allison Rose soft cotton "flapper" hat is round with a turned-up front. This is trimmed with lace and comes in white or a pink and peach floral pattern. You can find small, medium and large ($12 to $19, depending on detail of lace).

4460 Lincoln Ave., Cypress, (714) 527-0527.


At these stores, you'll find a variety of casual kid's hats, including a girl's baseball-type hat in pink, orange, lime green, black, white or purple. This is 100% cotton with an elastic back ($3, one size fits all).

The stores also carry a 100% cotton hat that has a scrunched cap and floppy soft brim that is sewn back, creating a small flower. This hat comes in solid colors of light and dark pink, purple, denim, lime green, white, black or orange ($7, one size fits all).

For boys, you will find 100% cotton baseball-style caps in a variety of colors, including solid navy, white or red brims with pin-stripe caps of the same color. One hat has a baseball patch embroidered "Baby Slugger." These are available in small, medium and large ($3).

The stores also have Universal Industry's 100% cotton caps that feature several sports teams. The Giants hat comes in royal blue with the team name embroidered in red on the front. The Chicago Bulls hat has a red brim, black head and a red bull on the front with Chicago Bulls written in white. For baseball, there is an all-blue Dodgers' cap with "LA" written in white (all $8, one size fits all).

Brea Mall, (714) 671-1536; Buena Park Mall, (714) 952-0475, and Mission Viejo Mall, (714) 364-6392.


Here there is a boy's Imagine Kidswear baseball-style cap with a black neoprene brim. One side of this reversible hat is solid blue, while the other is a multicolored print in bright surf colors of blue, green, pink and red ($14, one size fits all).

Also for boys there is a Carole Amper natural-color straw cowboy hat with multicolor Indian beads circling it ($13, small, medium and large).

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