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Shoppers Club at W. Covina Plaza

March 18, 1993

I am writing in reference to Andrew LePage's article of March 4, 1993, titled, "Shoppers Club Raises Concern on Personal Privacy." His article supposedly brings to light concerns about personal privacy issues in relation to a new program, "The Plaza Players Club," which we have recently implemented at The Plaza At West Covina.

The Players Club program was developed specifically to help build customer loyalty. Free to anyone who wishes to join, they only need to fill out a short application form in order to become a member. They receive a personalized membership card entitling them to special member discounts at various Plaza retailers, as well as making them eligible for daily, weekly and monthly prize giveaways.

Various consumer advocates stated in the article that people should be cautious about giving out personal information, since the data can be sold to other companies. Although the concerns of the consumer groups may, in some cases, have merit, it truly has nothing to do with The Plaza Players Club.

We have not, nor do we ever plan to sell or distribute this information to anyone. The data we gather is strictly for the use of The Plaza. Shoppers with the club are in no way required to answer the one or two brief shopping questions in order to receive their discount coupons and prize notifications.

During the short time The Plaza Player's Club has been in operation, we have already found great success and acceptance by our customers. The membership has actually increased even faster than we had anticipated.


Marketing Director,

The Plaza at West Covina

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