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March 19, 1993|ROSE APODACA

Belle Poufs

Gianni Versace takes bell-bottoms to new heights with his crinoline-packed swings ($5,165--no joke). Under each bell hangs an ornate lace and ribbon petticoat like the ones girls used to pouf their skirts during the "Happy Days" era. "Current fashion keeps getting called 'retro,' but this is a very modern interpretation of the bell," notes Billur Wallerich, spokeswoman for Neiman Marcus in Fashion Island Newport Beach. "It really shows all the wit and whimsy of the '90s."

Viva M.A.C. Attack

Makeup Art Cosmetics--better known as M.A.C.--sticks it to AIDS with its matte red-brown lip color, Viva Glam. Every penny of the $12 price tag goes to organizations fighting the deadly disease, including the Design Industry Foundation for AIDS, the American Foundation for AIDS Research, the Canadian AIDS Society and local groups. "We wanted to make sure some of the funds would go back into the areas where they were raised," says spokeswoman Julie Toskan-Casale.


It means to "dupe" or "puzzle," but those aren't the intentions Gary Rothman has for his customers. Hypnotic techno tunes inspired his Orange-based label Bamboozle. For his graphic-driven line, Rothman borrows from his heritage, splashing Hebrew text and imagery alongside cartoon characters. Statements such as "100% Kosher rave wear" and "shalom" appear on the colorful Tees ($15). "It's for the rave scene with a Jewish appeal, but it carries a message to the entire world," he says.

Rubber Sole

The shoe rage among London hipsters is all about bottoms: heels and soles, that is, says U.K.-shoe distributor John Guinane. Under his label, The Shooz, he sells funky footwear to youth on both sides of the Atlantic, balancing his time between London and Fullerton. Based on demand in both countries, Guinane says styles this year will remain heavy with platform-like soles, especially rubber spongy or slick models. Much attention is going to sculpted heels, too.

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