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A look inside Hollywood and the movies : THE FASHION GAME : Don't Read This One Either

March 21, 1993|Jane Galbraith

Forget which actors or actresses will win Academy Awards. What Hollywood really wants to know is . . . what is Jaye Davidson going to wear to the Oscars?

In a year where non-stars in independent films have stolen the limelight from the regular hometown famous, the movie industry has found itself looking around some pretty strange corners for excitement. And what could be stranger (for the Oscars, anyway) than the possibility an actor who plays a transvestite in "The Crying Game" and is nominated for best supporting actor might show up in drag?

The fashion coordinating services of Fred Hayman (of Beverly Hills dress boutique fame) are at Davidson's disposal if he wants a free consultation. Hayman calls each nominee, double-checks that there won't be duplicate gowns, offers advice over the phone and in person and, in return, gets a credit on the telecast.

But dressing a cross-dresser? Hayman says he's never had the pleasure--nearly all the nominees who have come to him in five years as official Oscar gown adviser were women. But he said he would "love to dress" Davidson "in whatever he would like . . . as long as it wouldn't be something that ridicules the awards." The possibilities are wide open--the academy doesn't put restrictions on what nominees wear.

Giorgio Armani, Bob Mackie, Gianni Versace, Donna Karan?

All that Davidson has reportedly revealed is that if he does show up at the Oscars--he still hasn't RSVP'd--he would wear something "elegant."

Maybe that means a tuxedo. Maybe not.

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