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Daughter's Day at the Office

March 23, 1993|BOB SIPCHEN

Thank heaven for little girls, for they'll grow into civic leaders and corporate executives one day.

In hopes of assuring that the transition goes more smoothly for future generations, the New York-based Ms. Foundation for Women came up with an idea: "Take Our Daughters to Work."

Here's how it works: Folks of either gender are encouraged to bring 9- to 15-year-old girls--daughters or the daughters of family, neighbors or friends--to the workplace on April 28.

The foundation and its supporters are encouraging businesses to invite the girls in and give them a glimpse of the working world.

"The idea," says Kristin Golden of the foundation, "is to have one day where there's a lot of public attention on girls. . . . We hope it will give girls the opportunity to see the workplace and talk about it."

Several magazines are publishing features on the program in their March issues. Demonstrating that responsibility for nurturing future women cuts across gender lines, Terry McDonell, the male editor of Esquire, "the Magazine for Men," offers a laudatory column, prefacing his words with a Swahili proverb: "The daughters of lions are lions too."

For information, contact: Ms. Foundation for Women, 141 5th Ave., Suite 6-S, New York, N.Y. 10010. (212) 614-9387.

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