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Performances / An Opinionated Guide

March 25, 1993|BILL LOCEY

This is the rock 'n' roll lineup for the week. Look elsewhere for country, jazz, and who cares about Top 40 brain death cover bands, anyway? The vast majority of these bands do original music or else they're lying to me.


* Rukkus (Cheers, 1308 E. Los Angeles Ave., Simi Valley, 581-2488) . No spellers in this group.

* Art Carnage (Jake's, 2350 N. Vineyard Ave., Oxnard, 983-6995) . A lot of covers, but also an hour and a half of originals and a tape on the way. (Also Tuesday and Wednesday)

* Wonderwall (Champs, 1900 S. Victoria Ave., Oxnard, 984-8015) . Rock in the harbor after "The Simpsons."

* Phooey, New President (Mayfair Theatre, 793 Santa Clara St., Ventura, 648-5019) . A couple of new bands take the stage at the place with no booze and no age limit and nothing on the marquee.

* Molly Hatchet (Ventura Theatre, 26 Chestnut St., Ventura, 648-1888) . Classic rock comes to the classic venue for the thirtysomethings on their big night out to rub elbows with bikers.

* Slam Alice (Bermuda Triangle, 477 E. Main St., Ventura, 653-0466) . Melodic hard rock by a band with a sense of humor.

* Beggar's Opera (Brewhouse, 202 State St., Santa Barbara, 963-3090) . It's an acoustic thing tonight.

* Tin Idols (Toes Tavern, 416 State St., Santa Barbara, 965-4655) . Sort of like a classic rock band for the '90s on "Starving Student Night" and all that free pizza.

* D.O.G., Red River Gumbo (Beach Shack, 500 Anacapa St., Santa Barbara, 966-1634) . The canine band does a power funk thing sort-of-like Munkafust without the million drooling co-eds.

* Fin, Greg & Dave (Alex's Cantina, 633 State St., Santa Barbara, 966-0032). Three guys who know every pop song ever written since 1960. (Also Friday at Spike's Place in Goleta and Monday at Calypso in S. B.)

* Roadhouse Rockers (Art's Bar, 2611 De la Vina St., Santa Barbara, 569-0052). It's a rockabilly trio whose collective watch stopped about 1959.


* Strange Impact (Cheers). It's the Friday night dance band doing a 50/50 mix of originals and covers. (Also Saturday)

* Rocking Horse (Gold Street, 2258 Pickwick St., Camarillo, 388-7155). Mostly covers, a few originals, for the town of many malls and much concrete. (Also Saturday)

* The Goods (Elephant Bar, 5795 Walker St., Ventura, 644-6238). Bluesy rock, jazz, R & B--typical bar band stuff.

* Ill Repute (Mayfair Theatre). Raging punk rock from Port Hueneme with a decade of experience, a zillion songs, a swell attitude, no Mariah Carey covers and a new CD in the works.

*Mary's Danish, Grant Lee Buffalo, Ariel (Ventura Theatre). Thetre headliners have a pair of screeching vocalists. The Buffalo band plays intelligent folk rock. See Night Life

* Jones N Five, Metropolis (Bermuda Triangle). No slow ones and no sensitive ballads tonight.

* Alan Thornhill (Nicolby's Coffeehouse, 404 E. Main St., Ventura, 653-6488). It used to be Mogz, but now they only have acoustic music; it'll be much quieter.

* Rick Reeves & the Future Blues Band (Big Yellow House, 108 Pierpont St., Summerland, 969-4140). Classic rock with a lot of guitar solos is what's happening at the only venue in this burg. (Also Saturday and Monday at Alex's Cantina)

* The Bluescasters (The Mesa Cafe, 1972 Cliff Drive, Santa Barbara, 965-5303). It's blues in the strip mall tonight.

* The Gathering, 12 Stories (Brewhouse). The headliners used to be No One You Know; after a couple of the beers, you won't know anyone or anything.

* Love Masters (Toes Tavern). Rockin' reggae, no cover, but no free pizza, either.

* Lion I's (Beach Shack). It's a wild dance-a-thon fueled by some up-tempo reggae rock.

* Circus Frequency, J.D.'s Last Ride (Alex's Cantina). S. B. pop rock meets wild Ventura rockabilly.

* Little Jonny & the Giants (Art's Bar). Rockin' blues band fronted by Jon Lawton, who's not really that small, but perhaps Little Jonny sounds better than Average Jonny.

* Still Life, FYP (The Anaconda Theater, 935 Embarcadero del Norte, Isla Vista, 685-3112). Never heard of 'em, but probably a couple of thrash bands.


* Rock Steady Posse (Garfields Bar & Grill, 2789 E. Main St., Ventura, 648-1917). Rooty reggae out of San Luis Obispo provides the soundtrack to all those TVs showing the Kings with the sound off. (Also Sunday at Toes)

* Michael Tomlinson (Ventura Theatre). Environmentally sensitive heartthrob tree hugger out of the Northwest singing about the Right Stuff.

* Coral, Delicious Wickedness (Bermuda Triangle). Endless guitar solos are what this power trio is all about.

* Two Good Reasons (Nicolby's Coffeehouse). Intelligent folk rock featuring Joe Hamilton, formerly of Plato's Cat. Hey, anybody that likes cats can't be all bad.

* J.D.'s Last Ride (Beat City, Palm and Main streets, Ventura, 653-5545). Rockabilly all the way live inside the coolest record store in town, just a few steps away from great junk food at the Top Hat.

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