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March 25, 1993

Yes, it's spring, the season for bobbing and weaving in front of members of the opposite sex, hoping to grab their attention--if only for two seconds. To many, clothing is a formidable tool in this annual mating ritual.

High Life asks: "If you wanted to dress to attract the opposite sex, what would you wear?

"I'd wear a low-cut top and a short skirt, and I'd have a nice smile."

Adrianne Millman, 16,

junior, University

"Saran Wrap."

Priya Pillutla, 15,

sophomore, Brea Olinda

"Whatever I feel is comfortable that day, because they should like me for the way that I am, not for anything superficial."

Jill Tauchert, 16,

junior, Trabuco Hills

"My tight black jeans with my blue bodysuit."

Shelley Williams, 17,

junior, Buena Park

"My everyday clothes, because he should be interested in me, and not what I'm wearing."

Akilah Rodgers, 16,

junior, Rancho Alamitos

"Cool blue pants and a loose, baggy green sweater. My blue, dangly earrings and medium-length necklace would match my pants."

Kristen Spadunuta, 17,

junior, San Clemente

"Something the guy says he has liked on me or on another girl."

Mai Linh Mainor, 15,

sophomore, Rancho Alamitos

"Something from the Gap or J. Crew, because casual clothes make you feel good. When you feel good, you look good and therefore you'll be happy."

Luke Lee, 17,

senior, Saddleback

"I don't dress to attract the opposite sex. If they like me for what I wear and not who I really am, I don't want to be with them anyway."

Lauren Knutson, 16,

junior, St. Margaret's

"A long, long dress with a high neck. It might not attract, but it will definitely make an impression."

Sujata Ramani, 15,

sophomore, Edison

"What I usually wear: jeans, a shirt and some funky shoes."

Stefanie Canright, 15,

freshman, St. Margaret's

"A tight black velvet dress that comes down to my knees, red lace gloves, red high heels and black stockings with a black velvet hat."

Skye Solley, 15,

sophomore, Buena Park

"Clothing can tell a lot about one's personality, therefore, hopefully, one can attract someone who has the same interests; someone compatible."

Brian Twigger, 18

senior, Trabuco Hills

"What I feel comfortable in, because if they don't like me for who I am then it's not worth it."

Xaun Hong, 16,

junior, Los Amigos

"Something casual, because I would like someone to like me for who I am."

Elizabeth Rowe, 17,

senior, California Lutheran

"It depends on what type of guy you want to attract."

Shawnte Watts-Carter,

sophomore, 16, Katella

"Pale shorts and a tank top."

Leon Vickers, 18,

senior, Rancho Alamitos


Bob Wildman, 18,

senior, St. Margaret's

"Something really noticeable and different. Something weird, funky or hip. You don't have to wear something really tight to get someone's attention."

Inez Cardona, 17,

junior, Saddleback

"Bell-bottoms and my nose hoop."

Ryan Killam, 18,

senior, Brea Olinda

"If I were to dress to impress, I would dress casual, because if he is interested in me dressed normal, then he is not a guy basing a relationship on looks."

Sandra Herting, 16,

junior, Edison

"Something I feel comfortable in."

Elena Barrintos, 16,

sophomore, California Lutheran

"A long, feminine dress and sandals. I would also put on just enough makeup to accentuate my natural features. My dress would be modest in order to attract the type of man that would respect me, yet flattering and unique enough to get his attention."

Kara Stokes, 16,

sophomore, Edison

"It depends on what the girl's wearing."

Levi Vagana, 14,

freshman, Los Amigos

"What I always wear, because if they do not like me for who I am, then why should they like me for what I wear?"

Jamie Klein, 17,

senior, Huntington Beach

"Cologne and some nice shoes."

D. J. Holyfield, 15,

freshman, Huntington Beach

"Normal clothes that are kind of prettyish. I'm not provocative."

Christine Kim, 16,

junior, University

"Jeans and a T-shirt."

Flint Doungchak, 18,

senior, University

"A simple red sheer dress, and let them use their own imagination."

Milady Cambare, 18,

senior, Buena Park

"Penny loafers, argyle socks, checkered golf pants pulled up to my armpits, a plaid shirt with a pocket protector, and a lime green beanie."

Mike Killam, 15,

sophomore, Brea Olinda

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Responses were gathered by David Fitzgerald (Katella), Regina Hoang (Saddleback), Dolores Gusman (California Lutheran), Brooke Lyons (St. Margaret's Episcopal), Detra Vickers (Rancho Alamitos), Hallie Kim (Brea-Olinda), Jennifer Chau (Los Amigos), Morgan Howard (Huntington Beach), Eileen Hsu (University), Sam Kang (Buena Park), David Brinkman (Edison), Nancy Kurtz (San Clemente) and Michelle Hainley (Trabuco Hills).

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