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March 26, 1993|ROSE APODACA

Just Their Type

In the age of computers, what to do with those heavy, old metal relics called typewriters? Ravage parts and turn them into jewelry, says Charley Stough, a Dayton, Ohio-based copywriter and columnist. Out of keys and hammers from forgotten manual machines he finds in flea markets, Stough fashions tie tacks, earrings and stick pins ($5 to $28). The pieces have become a hit among writers and journalists across the country who daily fax in requests. "I'm becoming a very dangerous person around typewriters," he jokes. "But I'm finding some really cause me pain to break up."

Heart Beeps

The pager--that still-trendy symbol of the conspicuous '80s and fashion accessory of today's teen-age hip-hoppers--just won't go away. It's even been "updated" in last decade's signature palette: Day-glo. At a discotheque near you, see them clipped on to patrons' baggy jeans, ball caps and sunglass frames. They are spotted glowing in neon orange, yellow and green; after all, a black beeper doesn't show up well on top of black garb in those dark, fluorescent-lit nightclubs. So what's the appeal? "It attracts the boys," says one Anaheim teen. With both sexes donning the tiny gadgets, it's one way--albeit silly--to announce availability.


While Ungaro was chided at the Paris couture shows last week for being old school, some women have found his Emanuel bridge line, with pieces selling for under $500, full of classics they can't do without. At Saks Fifth Avenue in Costa Mesa, the French designer's cruise collection is sailing out quick. Ungaro was inspired to do the silk prints after attending the World Cup last year, says Saks spokeswoman Stephanie Lewis. The medallions around the compass signify the race's international participation, she adds.

Apple Blossom

That's the look to achieve this spring, says Jill Markowicz, makeup artist at Allen Edwards Salon in Newport Beach. "We see more color on the eyes, lips and cheek bones--but it's transparent, not chalky." She adds that brown tones are out for the season, as well as reds and fuchsia shades. "Stick with pastels, pretty peaches and pinks, for that healthy glow."

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