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SANTA ANA : Talking Veggies Pass Word on Nutrition

March 31, 1993|JON NALICK

Even though the nutritional advice came from a 6 1/2-foot-tall talking carrot, Raymond Sanchez, 6, knew it wasn't full of beans.

On Tuesday, Raymond learned that eating right reduces the risk of illnesses, including cancer, and that having an apple each day isn't the only way to avoid a visit to the doctor.

He was one of about 40 students at Carl Harvey Orthopedically Handicapped School whose class was visited by giant veggies and fruits as part of an American Cancer Society program to teach healthy eating habits.

Students from Cal State Long Beach wore orange, green and red costumes to play the parts of Carl Carrot, Letticia Lettuce and Suzy Strawberry during the 20-minute visit. They danced, sang and handed out colorful stickers portraying various healthy foods.

"You're a big, giant carrot!" Raymond yelled to Carl.

"Yeah, and carrots make you grow big and strong," replied Carl, who is also known as Todd Duncan, 23, a senior at CSULB. Then he quipped: "Do you like bunnies? I don't. I'm scared of rabbits."

The food group also visited two other Santa Ana schools, Taft Elementary and and Greenville Fundamental, said spokeswoman Keri Barnett.

During the performance at Carl Harvey, Barnett told the students that "if you eat healthy, you're not going to get sick. We want you to be healthy."

She then introduced the three guests along with a poem about each. About Suzy Strawberry, she said: "I have vitamins and help you to be strong, so put me in your lunch boxes and take me along."

Guy Laframboise, 9, said that he enjoyed the presentation and learned that "vegetables are good for you and that they're high in protein."

After it ended, he added: "I liked the lettuce because it's the best thing I like to eat."

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