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South Pasadena : Double-Parking at School

April 01, 1993

Parents are complaining that police are ticketing them for double-parking as they wait for their children to get out of South Pasadena Middle School.

The middle school, at Oak Street and Fair Oaks Avenue, has no parking lot and only enough curb space for a few cars. When school lets out, dozens of cars pull up to the campus' Oak Street entrance.

Police Chief Tom Mahoney said double-parking endangers children who might dart out into the street.

"Parents by ignoring the law may be teaching their children to disregard the law," he added.

Officers have encouraged parents to park on nearby streets, but some parents said they feared that their children could be abducted.

Lisa Pendleton complained to the City Council recently that her daughter's car-pool driver was ticketed, and asked the city to build a driveway for the parents.

Assistant Supt. Leslie Adelson, who will become superintendent of schools in July, said the issue will be on the April 22 Joint City Council-Board of Education agenda.

Adelson said it will be suggested that Rowland Street on one side of the school be closed during school hours so it can be utilized as a pickup point.

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