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College Hikes Summer Fees, Cuts Salaries


Glendale Community College will hold its 1993 summer school session but students will pay more for their classes and teachers will earn less, officials said.

School officials had considered canceling summer school to save an estimated $750,000 out of the college's $32.8-million operating budget.

In an effort to rescue the summer session, the faculty agreed to vote on a proposal that would require teachers to take a 20% pay cut while students subsidize the cost of teaching their classes. Faculty voted 95 to 50 in favor of the proposal.

Steve White, head of the faculty union, presented results of the vote at a special Board of Trustees meeting on Tuesday.

"Summer school will be operated on a student fee basis," campus spokeswoman Mary Shelburne said. "We will not be getting any money from the state but we will still save $750,000."

Summer school classes will cost $33 per unit, up from $10 a unit, Shelburne said. Most credit courses are three units, and at least 23 students must enroll in a class.

Non-credit summer school courses will cost $1.50 an hour and the student processing fee will rise from $10 to $20, with $15 of the fee going to financial aid for students, Shelburne said. The nursing program and some student development classes will be exempted from the price hike.

In addition to the $750,000 savings, administrators decided to pay for some of their own expenses such as mileage and conference fees to trim another $44,000 from the budget.

School officials have projected a budget shortfall of 2% to 6% next fiscal year if the state Legislature passes Gov. Pete Wilson's proposal to cut community college funding by 11% and increase student fees.

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