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Lynwood Schools : Teen-Agers to Discuss Issues at Weekly Forums

April 01, 1993

Lynwood teen-agers have decided to hold weekly forums at their schools to discuss issues ranging from teacher-student relationships to graffiti to sex education.

The students developed plans for the weekly forums at a youth summit attended Saturday by more than 300 students and about 100 teachers, administrators and parents.

The summit, sponsored by the city and the school district, addressed issues from self-esteem and job training to health and gangs.

"The youth summit was to discuss the issues affecting young people's lives," said school board member Cynthia Green-Geter. "The kids were so excited and so eager to sit down and talk."

School officials say that gatherings like the summit encourage students to brainstorm ways to improve their communities. At two smaller forums held last year, students came up with ways to combat graffiti in the schools, for example. After a November gathering at which students complained about graffiti in the high school bathrooms, administrators put up chalkboards, Green-Geter said.

"They're writing on the board now and not on the wall," she said.

Other long-term goals developed at Saturday's summit will be assembled and distributed to schools in coming weeks.

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