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Return of the Blazing One

April 01, 1993

It's been over a year since Michael On Fire played the venerable Ventura Theatre, and those who attended are still trying to invent some new adjectives to describe his mind-bending five-song performance. If Warren Zevon had any sense, he would've just jumped back on his big ol' tour bus and snuck out of town.

MOF used to play around here all the time. Now he doesn't.

He relocated to Nashville and has been driving around in the Van On Fire touring incessantly through America's Heartland.

He's got a zillion original songs, a couple of CDs, a bunch of fans, no label, no MTV, no big deal, no kidding.

He'll open Saturday night for John Sebastian, he of Lovin' Spoonful, Woodstock, round glasses and Kotter fame.

Michael On Fire (that's his real name) plays music that is sort of folk rock in an Allman Brothers/Fleetwood Mac style. It will make you laugh, cry, see God and tap your feet--all at once. MOF will be economizing tonight as he does the solo thing.

To see the whole band, you'll have to check in Tuesday or Wednesday at the Grill up the coast in Montecito.

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