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For a Well-Ordered Look, Don't Take Last Season's Sweaters Out of Sequins


The better sweater: The great looking dressy sweater is a staple of any woman's wardrobe. Adorned with embroidery, sequins or other flashy accouterments, it can be worn with a pair of slacks or a skirt, making a comfortable and versatile alternative to a dress.

But when worn out of context, a dressy sweater can look like the old fish out of water. "Don't wear it with tight jeans and high heels, unless you're going for that 'Frederick's' look," says Leslie Jansen of Vogue Alley in Laguna Niguel. "If you want to go casual with a dressy sweater, wear it with a jacket, jeans or stirrup pants and flat shoes."

When looking at discounted sweaters from last year, keep an eye on the sequins. Styles have shifted to favor matte or flat finish sequins over the glittery, flashy kind. A sign, perhaps, against the '70s disco revival look? We can only hope.

Eye spy: Elvis Costello sang great songs and looked like a nerd, spawning copy cats who traded in their contact lenses for the old horned-rim glasses. But Elvis' following has faded, and so has the trend toward horned rims.

"We don't sell many of that style. They're no longer hot," says Mike Reyes of Sterling Optical in Newport Beach. "They'll always be around, though. It's a classic style that's always favored by somebody."

If you want to get in on today's hot eye-wear trend, look for the round metal or faux tortoise-shell specs ( a la Eric Clapton). For the hot eye-wear trend of the future, it's probably a good bet that whatever style of glasses Madonna puts on is sure to be a big seller.

Shake your booty: Let's face it, if you're over 30, the big black Dr. Martens boot is scary. It's standard issue footwear for teen and twentysomethings, a symbol of rebellion and toughness.

The men and women who wear them like the look, find them comfortable, and, when the occasion arises, would like to have them on when they go to dress-up events and not be looked upon as storm troopers.

"It's easier for guys to get away with them," says fashion designer Brian Mayne of Mission Viejo. "You can wear them with a trendy pair of slacks, shirt and jacket, and while you won't look traditional, you'll still look good enough to attend most weddings."

Women who want to keep their Doc's on can try wearing them with a long, cotton Indian-print or batik skirt, a white blouse and some hot, trendy jewelry. The idea is to keep the attention away from your feet. Whatever you do, don't wear shorts.

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