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Saddleback Program Loss Would Be Tragic

April 03, 1993

I am writing to express my deep concern about the proposed reduction in funding for Saddleback College's Performing Arts program--to wit, Summerstock and Guest Artists Series ("Final Curtain for Saddleback Summerstock Co.?" March 23). As I understand it, this funding reduction is so severe that both programs will, in effect, be eliminated. What a tragic loss this would be for the community and the college!

Over the years, Saddleback's Performing Arts program has become an important part of our lives. The college is the only presenting venue south of Irvine. Thanks to its Guest Artists Series, such notable and diverse international talent as Bobby McFerrin, Mummenschanz, Peking Puppet Theater and International Chamber Ensemble of Rome have appeared on stage right in my back yard. Additionally, we have had the opportunity to see numerous culturally and ethnically diverse artists. Most often, Saddleback College was the only Orange County venue where these artists have appeared. All this at prices that my family could afford.

Saddleback's Summerstock has developed into the largest college-based program in Southern California, and those of us who live here are very proud of it. Each summer my family and I get to see some of the best musicals that Broadway has to offer, starring some of the finest talents anywhere. And again, for prices that are affordable.

We view Saddleback College Performing Arts program as an important cultural, as well as educational, resource. Please don't take this away from us.

We encourage Saddleback College and district trustees to maintain the funding for this valuable program.


Mission Viejo


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