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A look inside Hollywood and the movies : Mopping Up After the Oscars : DWARFED : Now the Real Snow White Is Really Steamed

April 04, 1993

What is it about Snow White and the Oscars?

When our sweet, raven-haired heroine appeared in a musical number at the Academy Awards in 1989, the Walt Disney Co. filed suit against the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for not asking permission to use the character.

After last Monday's Oscar show, there is another protest. This time it comes from 77-year-old Adriana Caselotti, the woman who was the heroine's voice in Walt Disney's 1937 classic, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs."

Caselotti was not asked by the Disney studio to be the voice behind an animated sequence that featured Snow White announcing the winner of the Oscar for animated short film.

In a chat with Film Clips, an agitated Caselotti said: "If Walt were alive he never would have permitted anything like this to happen. I don't know why this was done . . . they just got some girl to do it."

A Disney spokeswoman said only: "We opted to use one of our other Snow White voices."

Many of the star appearances on the Oscar show are designed to provide publicity for upcoming movies. In Snow White's case, Disney is rereleasing the movie this summer. "We fully intend for Caselotti to be involved with the publicity when 'Snow White' is reissued," the Disney spokeswoman said.

Caselotti says after the snub, she doesn't know. "I was paid a total of $970 to sing the role. And I get no residuals."

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