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April 04, 1993|Lesa Sawahta

" everyone's gazing

at some body part--

that's the nature of art in Butt Town"

--Iggy Pop, "Butt Town"

End results in Butt Town are important, which is why Angelenos work hard to achieve rear ends of astonishing form and firmness. Some like their fitness straight up and swear by Santa Monica's Fourth Street stairs. Run down, then up, two steps at a time. Ouch!

If you're disciplined or just agoraphobic, you can start a home routine with exercise videos, but you're probably better off at a gym with a Butt Blaster, a machine that uses the classic donkey kick with weights. Very effective.

Exercise guru Karen Voight focuses on "making the rear tighter, smaller and more defined" in rigorous classes at Voight Fitness and Dance Center, her West Hollywood fitness studio. But the one-on-one approach of a personal trainer may be the best method for rapidly raising a rear. Todd Person, owner of Metabolic Project in West L.A., has developed a grueling series of exercises for buns, including plies with free weights, leg curls, leg presses and stair-climbing.

If you've got gobs of cash and no patience, liposculpting is a new surgical technique for raising the buttocks and changing contours. According to Dr. W. Grant Stevens, director of Marina Plastic Surgery Associates in Marina del Rey, it is akin to liposuction but uses a smaller catheter to remove and reshape fat deposits. Expect to spend about $3,000 for the surgeon's fee--no ifs, ands or, er, buts.

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