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A summary of selected City Hall actions affecting Central Los Angeles in the past week.

April 04, 1993|LEE HARRIS


SENIOR HOUSING: Increased a loan to P & P Home for the Elderly Inc., a nonprofit organization, to help develop low-income apartments for the elderly near Vermont and Manchester avenues. The original $981,900 loan will be increased by $418,100.

LIGHT-RAIL STUDY: Approved a proposal to spend $13,897 to help finance a $300,000 study of how a light-rail system in East Los Angeles would affect traffic in Boyle Heights. The bulk of the study money will come from the Los Angeles County Transportation Commission.

SMOKING: Councilwoman Ruth Galanter introduced a proposal to prohibit smoking in several buildings in the Civic Center, including City Hall, City Hall annexes and Parker Center, the police headquarters. Smoking is currently allowed in some areas of those buildings. The ban would minimize potential fire danger in the buildings, which are not equipped with sprinklers, Galanter said.

UCLA FESTIVAL: Waived $5,306 in fees to permit the installation of banners to announce the UCLA Mardi Gras, scheduled May 15-16.


How South - Central and Eastside representatives voted on selected issues.

BULLOCK'S CLOSURE: Approved a proposal requesting that R. H. Macy & Co., which owns Bullock's, reconsider its decision to close the store in Downtown's 7th Street Marketplace. Macy's officials announced last month that it will close eight I. Magnin and Bullock's stores in California, including the Downtown Bullock's and the landmark Bullock's/Wilshire I. Magnin near MacArthur Park. The proposal also asks the company if there are any actions the council could take to encourage it to keep the store open. Passed: 10-0. Voting yes: Flores, Hernandez, Ridley-Thomas and Walters. Absent: Alatorre and Holden.

GRAFFITI: Approved a proposal to support a bill in the Assembly that would allow city or county officials to hold parents or legal guardians of minors found guilty of graffiti vandalism financially responsible for removing the graffiti. Passed: 10-0. Voting yes: Joan Milke Flores, Mike Hernandez, Mark Ridley-Thomas and Rita Walters. Absent: Richard Alatorre and Nate Holden.

SETTLEMENT OF LAWSUIT: Approved spending $150,000 to settle a lawsuit by an Eagle Rock family and a neighbor who claimed that several Los Angeles police officers brutalized them while breaking up a party in June, 1987. The plaintiffs complained of injuries from baton blows. Passed: 10-0. Voting yes: Hernandez, Holden, Ridley-Thomas and Walters. Absent: Alatorre and Flores.

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