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Temple City : School in City Offices OKd

April 04, 1993

Over objections of neighbors, the City Council this week approved the use of city offices as an alternative school for Temple Unified School District students.

City Council members, in a joint session Tuesday with the Board of Education, voted unanimously to allow offices at the city's maintenance yard, 9229 E. Pentland Ave., to become a school for students 16 to 18 years old.

Students with attendance problem, without enough credit to graduate or whose work schedules conflict with the regular school schedule will receive special attention in small classes at the alternative school, said Doug Sears, assistant principal at Oak Avenue School, who will serve as the school's principal.

The two-year program will serve 15 students each morning and afternoon, beginning in September.

Several residents said they were afraid to have the school near their homes. Pentland Avenue resident Norma Jean Ramirez gave the City Council a petition with 55 signatures opposing the use of the site.

Mayor Bobbie McGowan said schools in the city must serve the needs of students. "We have been sending our students to Arcadia. It's time to bring them home to our own school," she said.

Sears said the students have been sent to Arcadia's alternative school or schooled at home.

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