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Religious Orders: a Choice 'Freely Taken'

April 04, 1993

Roy Rivenburg's article on cults ("When Worlds Collide," March 10) was generally good. But we know (that) what is in our papers by columnists and other journalists is shaped by their culture, education and religion, or lack of it.

May I take exception to James R. Lewis' remark that religious orders use mind-control techniques.

Perhaps some do, but I entered a religious order and have remained in it freely for 50 years. It was my choice then. I re-evaluated it through the years and I still approve of my decision.

I read widely. I have my post-graduate degree in philosophy. I have appraised a spectrum of opinions from atheism to deism to theism. My remaining in a religious order is my decision freely taken.

One could say with more justification that those who fall in love are under mind control, the control of the chemicals the brain excretes, such as dopamine.


Marianist Community

West Hills

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