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L.A. Officials' Overseas Travel

April 04, 1993

Apparently it will be "business as usual" for Mayor Tom Bradley, his airport commissioners, and the Department of Airports right to the bitter end ("Mayor Plans Promotional Trip," March 16). Despite the fact that Bradley and the commissioners are all on their way out, they expect us to believe it is "vitally important" that they spend $250,000 to visit four European cities to promote tourism. Is that why people vacation in Los Angeles? Because Tom Bradley delivered a sound bite?

The mayoral candidate who gets my vote is whoever will commit to ending this type of unconscionable behavior.



In Mayor Bradley's entourage is Maria Elena Durazo, president of the local Hotel and Restaurant Employees Union. Isn't she the same "goodwill ambassador" who so proudly produced a video last year titled "City on the Edge," which portrayed L.A. as a dangerous destination to be avoided, and which was sent to convention planners throughout the nation?


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