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We'll Be Good Boys, Really

April 05, 1993

After your article about our company appeared (Column One, "The Climbing Game," March 29), we just wanted to let you know that we have signed up for a series of Management 101 courses at a local community college.

Our day now consists of:

9 a.m.: How to Get Rid of Our Type A Personalities.

10 a.m.: How to Delegate Authority.

11 a.m.: Dealing With Your Current Employees.

Noon-5 p.m.: Dealing With Your Ex-Employees.

5-5:15 p.m.: Brotherly Love, Meditation & Chanting.

5:15-6 p.m.: Corporatespeak.

We would appreciate it if you would no longer write that we are "carelessly attired"--not because it isn't true but because our mother has been walking around all day asking, "Where did I go wrong? How did I let them down?"

The anonymous shopping bags from Barney's are being returned. At Miramax, we do not believe in accepting unsolicited shirts and ties.

As for being tough guys, Mike Ovitz, Jeff Berg, Stanley Jaffe, Rupert Murdoch, Ron Meyer and Arnold Rifkin all have told us they have always been intimidated by us but would never admit it before. In fact, all of the agencies have asked us to fax our requests for stars--they're too afraid to negotiate.

Obviously, in any piece written about you, there are mistakes and regrets you have about the way you handled certain situations. We will learn from our mistakes and try to handle those situations next time. But one thing we will not give up is our passion for our films.






Miramax Films

P.S.--Things could have been worse--we could have had a third brother!

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