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LA HABRA : City Revokes Eatery's Permit to Entertain

April 05, 1993|MIMI KO

Citing noise, lack of security and poor management, the City Council last week revoked an entertainment permit for a local restaurant and is considering doing the same for another establishment.

"We've had too many problems" with the Casa Carrillo Restaurant, Mayor William D. Mahoney said, noting that police have responded to numerous calls from nearby residents complaining of loud music, litter, urination on their property and other violations by restaurant patrons.

"We've got better things for our police to do than go running to bars and restaurants all the time," Mahoney said. "I'm tired of sending police officers to monitor these businesses because the owners can't do it."

Roger Bright, the attorney for Casa Carrillo owner Jose Carrillo, told the council that Carrillo had taken steps to reduce complaints.

He said Carrillo closes windows and doors and lowered the stage where bands play to minimize noise.

He also recently hired two security guards to patrol indoors and the parking lot, Bright said.

But that didn't convince council members, who unanimously voted to deny Carrillo's request to renew his entertainment permit.

"I think we've solved the problem by revoking the permit," Mahoney said.

Council members continued a public hearing for the next meeting on April 15 to consider whether to revoke another entertainment permit--this one for the Leaky Tiki bar.

Police reported an assault with a deadly weapon at the bar three months ago, as well as four narcotics arrests and a public drunkenness arrest since November.

"That's not child's play," Mahoney told the bar's owner, Janet Escobosa, and her attorney, Ted Cromwell, who asked for more time to review police reports and prepare for the hearing.

Escobosa said if the city revokes her entertainment permit, her livelihood would be affected. She added that in past years, she has cooperated with police by reporting criminal activity at her bar.

"We've had a lot of problems with your bar," Mahoney told her. "Don't talk to me about cooperation. I understand livelihoods, and I'm not trying to come down hard on you."

Police have recommended that the Leaky Tiki's entertainment permit be revoked because of violent confrontations between patrons and failure to place a security guard outside the bar on weekend nights as the city has requested.

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