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Ze Next Thing

April 08, 1993|CHARLES PERRY

Coors is not introducing a transparent beer. No way--Zima is a clearmalt . The company insists that the new grain-based beverage, already available in taverns and soon to be in stores in the Los Angeles area (plus 30-odd other regions), has "no sweet or fruity flavoring," but fear not, cooler lovers, Zima is definitely sweet and has a pleasant berry-like aroma.

I Have Two Words for You: Pureed Plastic

An Iowa State University chemist named Jay-Lin Jane has developed a plastic wrapping material made from soybean and corn proteins that can really be recycled--fed to farm animals--when its work is done. Nutritionally, Jane told the Wall Street Journal, her product is OK, but without grinding it up, she said, "You would need a good dental plan if you wanted to eat it."

Elvis, My Chef

The next in the growing list of books on how to dine like The King will be "The Life . . . and Cuisine . . . of Elvis Presley" by David Adler, author of "Elvis, My Dad," an unauthorized biography of Lisa Marie Presley. It will be out in July; look for 70 recipes unlikely to be approved by nutritionists.

This Is Not Dairy

This Is Blis sounds like a boon for the lactose-intolerant: a frozen dessert containing absolutely no dairy products--and no fat, sucrose or artificial sweeteners either. In the next 30 days, 18 soft-serve flavors of This Is Blis (including chocolate-raspberry truffle and pina colada) will be available at yogurt shops, health clubs and Ralphs deli counters.

Pink Yogurt! We Want Pink Yogurt!

A study of 746 pairs matched by sex, age, race and body size suggests that eating yogurt as few as three times a month can help protect against colon cancer. And lycopene, the red pigment in chile peppers, tomato and watermelon, has been associated with low risk of pre-cancerous inflammation.

A Winning Bottle

Zojirushi is introducing a new line of vacuum bottles, 33% more compact and 22% lighter than other half-quart thermal bottles, called Tuff Slim. They have pour-through stoppers that close automatically when the lid is replaced, and cool styling--they look sort of like giant stainless steel or forest green lipsticks. At department and gourmet stores for somewhat under $50.

Input-Based Education

The average American child will eat 1,500 peanut butter sandwiches before graduating from high school.

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