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Diamond Bar : Tough Law on Graffiti OKd

April 08, 1993

The Diamond Bar City Council adopted a tough graffiti ordinance this week that prohibits retailers from selling spray paint, markers and other "tagging" devices to anyone 17 or younger.

The ordinance also makes it unlawful for minors to possess graffiti-marking devices while in any public park, playground or other public property, unless that person is accompanied by a legal guardian.

Rewards will be given for tips about vandalism that lead to a conviction. The amount of the rewards will be based on the extent of the damage.

Under the ordinance, the city can mandate that graffiti be removed from public or private property quickly. Property owners in the city may make up to three requests to have the city remove graffiti from areas totaling no more than 600 square feet. After that, owners will face fines if they do not remove graffiti on their property within seven days.

City officials say that Diamond Bar's graffiti problem may be less severe than in neighboring communities, but that it is getting worse at an alarming rate.

Records show that the city spent about $12,000 in fiscal year 1990-91 to remove graffiti from about 320 locations. The following year, the city spent $17,190 to remove it in 546 places. And in the first three months of this year, Diamond Bar has coughed up nearly $17,000 for graffiti removal.

The city's new anti-graffiti ordinance received its mandatory second reading at the council's Tuesday night regular meeting. The law takes effect 30 days after approval.

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