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Gray Davis

April 09, 1993

In recognition that California's economic crisis is not a Democratic or Republican one, I would like to praise the position of state Controller Gray Davis in his commentary (March 30) advocating creating a "lead agency" process for the issuance of business permits.

That concept is embodied in Cal/EPA's top priority bill for 1993, SB 1185 (by Sen. Marian Bergeson, R-Newport Beach), which would create lead agency process for environmental permits and streamline the costly and burdensome process businesses have to follow now. The bill would designate a lead permit agency for environmental permits, which would then be responsible for issuing a single permit incorporating all the requirements of involved state agencies.

This bill would remove the coordination burden that is now placed on applicants, without affecting existing regulatory authorities or weakening any environmental protection standards.


Secretary for Environmental Protection

California Environmental

Protection Agency


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