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On the Money

April 09, 1993|BETTY GOODWIN

The Movie: "Indecent Proposal."

The Setup: Diana Murphy (Demi Moore, pictured), happily married to down-on-his luck architect David (Woody Harrelson), accepts a $1-million offer to spend one night with hunk/financier/gambler John Gage (Robert Redford, pictured).

The Costume Designers: Bernie Pollack (Redford's regular designer), Beatrix Aruna Pasztor and Bobbie Read.

The Look: On the money for Moore and Redford--no wonder they make a deal. On the other hand, Harrelson is such a gray wrinkled mess--even his khakis aren't khaki but gray--you understand why Moore can give him the heave-ho, at least temporarily. He's no contest in the fashion department.

Try This at Home: Moore pulls off what all the world's high-priced fashion designers have been trying to tell women without much success. She demonstrates the powerful appeal of pencil-slim skirts worn ankle length (although designer Read says they're strictly for the slim of hip) as well as hot pants (for the slim of thigh). Just forget any length in between (save for a couple of now-classic modified minis).

Some tips: Practically every item is vintage but tailored for perfect fit. There are many layers--a shirt worn over a shirt or a jacket over a shirt (and jackets are often belted). The exotic flavor of an old Mandarin collar dress or shirt looks hot, even with combat boots.

The Sex Appeal Factor: Redford doesn't win Moore by looking like a Las Vegas sleaze (remember James Caan in "Honeymoon in Las Vegas"?). He shuns pinkie rings, gold chains and shiny fabrics in favor of precision-tailored doubled-breasted suits in dark, lightweight wools.

Hits: Redford's no-tricks tuxedo. There are no novelty bow ties, no jokey suspenders, no go-for-drama shirts. Instead, he wears a double-breasted tux (for which no cummerbund is required), a pleated cotton shirt with moderate spread collar, pearl buttons instead of studs and moderate butterfly black bow tie.

Misses: Moore's ungainly canvas sportsman backpack that is strapped on at all times as if surgically attached and her Las Vegas Hilton gift-shop cocktail dress (a gift from Redford), which has more straps and attachments than a Cuisinart.

Quoted: "You can just as easily go to a vintage store and vamp up some great old jacket and skirt rather than spend $1,300 on a Donna Karan suit," said Read.

Sources: Thierry Mugler designed Moore's Las Vegas dress, and most of her vintage separates are from secondhand and antique clothing stores on Melrose and La Brea. Moore's platform shoes are Robert Clergerie; the lace-up shoes and boots are Doc Martens. Harrelson's khakis hailed from J. Crew. Redford's tuxedo is by Gianfranco Ferre; the tuxedo shirt by Turnbull & Asser. Pollack designed about half of the suits with Cerruti, and other labels included Armani and Polo. Redford's shirts were designed by Pollack and made by Anto in Beverly Hills.

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