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Tustin Council's Ban on Picketing at Residences

April 11, 1993

Tustin City Council members are to be applauded for their adoption April 5 of an emergency ordinance banning residential picketing. Each of them managed, despite the inflammatory and threatening rhetoric of Operation Rescue representatives, to concentrate on the true issues at hand: property rights and the right to privacy that all citizens should have in their own homes.

I have seen firsthand that the tactic of harassing pro-choice sympathizers and clinic workers at their homes has the effect of intimidating not only the intended victims of the harassment, but their spouses, children and neighbors as well. Political battles do not belong on streets lined with homes.

In light of the violence (including a recent murder) perpetrated by anti-choice zealots, the City Council has clearly acted in the best interests of the residents of Tustin.


Board Member

North Orange County Chapter

National Organization for Women

Santa Ana

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