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The Many Faces of a Card Club

April 11, 1993

As a resident of Cypress, I read with great interest the letters printed April 4 regarding a 24-hour card club in Cypress.

We enjoy living in Cypress as a residential bedroom-type community and strongly object to the proposed addition of a 24-hour card club in our midst.

I agree with letter writer Joe Mansolino that such a venture will increase crime, traffic and other undesirable elements in our quiet community.

The letter from Lloyd Arnold, (president of) Los Alamitos Race Course, stated that the crime statistics for the Commerce Card Club were "low in every category" due to "the large private security force" on the premises. Our concern is not the premises of the card club, but the entire community of Cypress.

I completely disagree with his conclusion that "this is the logical location for a card club"--logic has little to do with it, but big business greed does.

The residents of Cypress should vote against the card club on the June ballot.



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