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Drug-Sniffing Dogs, Hot Lines on School Campuses in County

April 11, 1993

I read with interest the recent articles regarding drug-sniffing dogs ("Drug-Sniffing Dogs May Patrol 7 Schools," March 31, and "Chief Defends Use Of Drug-Sniffing Dogs," April 1).

As a former high school principal, I would welcome the use of drug-sniffing dogs, metal detectors, armed officers or any other measure that is essential to guarantee a drug-free and safe school environment.

I applaud the superintendents and police chiefs of the various cities that are considering employing these measures to control crime on school campuses.

I will always be highly critical of those who condemn such actions.

Our society has many ills, and school campuses simply reflect the values of the families from which students are sent. If we are not willing to take extraordinary measures to control drug abuse, possession of weapons, and other crimes by students on school campuses and in society in general, then we ought to quit complaining about the existence of these societal problems.

School campuses are not the place for the wholesale application of constitutional rights, at least not if we continue to insist the school administrators and teachers provide a safe, drug-free environment. And if a student occasionally brushes up against a drug-sniffing dog, so what!



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