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'Outrageous' Talk From the 'Fiefdom'

April 11, 1993

As the leader of the opposition to Orange Unified School District's recently defeated Mello-Roos ballot measure to combine taxpayers' money to build one school instead of the needed two ("Objections Fly Over School Vote Mailing," March 31), I find it outrageous that Mr. Frank Remkiewicz (director of planning) would state that the district's actions were justified. He added, "We have on a number of occasions helped with bulk mailings for the PTA and other groups."

Public funds used to finance a private citizen's political mailing is a far cry from the PTA and other nonprofit school groups. Mr. Remkiewicz goes on to say that "district officials often helped opponents of the measure find and photocopy public documents."

Ha! When I requested and agreed to pay for a 60-page "public" document, I was told no one was available to reproduce it. I was not allowed to run it off myself and my only alternative, as explained to me, would be to bring in a copy machine of my own, rent one, or contract out and pay a district employee their hourly wage to reproduce it for me.

But the district had no problem providing paper, preparing, copying, computer labeling, and mailing at public expense 822 political flyers for a private citizen!

This little fiefdom called the OUSD has gone more than a little over the line--it's run miles past it!


Chair, Anaheim Hills

Homeowners for Two Permanent Schools

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