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Trash Facility and Industry City Council

April 11, 1993

Three cheers for the City of Industry!

Cheer 1: In the face of the loss of one-third of the businesses that have occupied your "city," you have found a money-making scheme par excellence. Your new materials recovery and transfer facility will be able to dominate the water recycling industry in Southern California. You will be able to set the price and effectively shut out much of your competition. Many proposed facilities will never be built, and you will be able to process the trash for the entire Los Angeles area and beyond.

Cheer 2: The Industry City Council has found a way to wrap this scheme in the cloak of "environmental concern." Never mind that the air pollution from this site will exceed air quality standards or that you will locate your site close to thousands of families. With the dollar sign leading your way, you will gladly endanger the health of the neighborhood children that play at the little league field or cough their way through a day at the YMCA.

Cheer 3: Industry has approached this project in such a manner that our state officials, Sen. Frank Hill and Assemblyman Paul Horcher, are remaining quietly behind the scenes. Perhaps a quid pro quo deal has been struck with regard to the new high school in North Diamond Bar. Whatever the case, one city is attempting to force a hazardous industrial site on its neighbors and our state officials have had nothing to say.

So three cheers for the Industry City Council!



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