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IRVINE : Putting Garbage to Work for You

April 12, 1993|SHELBY GRAD

That banana peel, browning apple slice and leftover salad in the back of the refrigerator might look like trash, but city officials are urging residents not to throw them away.

With time, all three items can be turned into compost, a soil product that keeps the ground moist and rich with nutrients.

Composting will be discussed at a seminar Saturday at the Operation Support Facility, 15029 Sand Canyon Drive. Irvine residents are invited to attend the free program.

"We hope people will take a closer look (at what they throw away) and possibly divert some items away from the landfill," Marcia Beckett, city management analyst, said.

She estimated that up to 31% of a household's total garbage load can be composted.

If more people compost a portion of their trash, fewer new landfills will have to be built.

Many natural waste products, including fruits, vegetables, branches, grass clippings and leaves, can be successfully composted.

Milk products and meat, however, cannot be included.

The assorted materials can be placed in a special bin, and within a month or two the waste is transformed into a rich, soil-like material.

People who attend the seminar will receive information booklets and be shown how the process works.

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