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BREA : Members of Police Assn. to Get Raises

April 14, 1993|BERT ELJERA

About 120 members of the Brea Police Assn. will receive an average 2.5% raise for the first year of a two-year contract that was approved by the City Council last week.

The contract, which is retroactive to Jan. 1, will expire Dec. 31, 1994.

Negotiations may be reopened this December on a possible pay raise next year.

"With the economic uncertainty, we agreed it would be best to wait," said Scott Malkemus, who headed the city's negotiating panel.

"We held off speculating (about) future increases until we know the impact of the state budget cuts."

Clyde A. Wason, president of the Brea Police Assn., said he was pleased with the contract.

"We all have to go along until the economy gets better," he said.

Wason said the pay raises range from 0.4% to 6.7% for the association's 11 employee classifications that include police officers, police sergeants, dispatchers and community service officers.

The average raise will be about 2.5%, he said.

In addition to the salary increase, Wason said members of the association will receive a $25 increase in uniform yearly allowance.

They will also receive an "accrual" of one day of vacation for every 10 years of service, he said.

Malkemus said the salary increases will cost the city $331,312 this fiscal year.

The cost for additional benefits, excluding salaries, next year will be more than $13,000, he said.

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