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HUNTINGTON BEACH : State Panel to Hear Condo Plan Appeal

April 14, 1993|BILL BILLITER

An appeal of a controversial condominium development proposal that was approved last year by the City Council will be heard Thursday by the California Coastal Commission in Los Angeles.

At issue is Surfcrest North, six three-story condominium buildings totaling 252 units. The project would be built on 9.8 acres adjoining the Bolsa Chica Regional Linear Park.

The Coastal Commission staff has recommended that the project be rejected.

Amigos de Bolsa Chica, an environmental group, has vigorously opposed the project, claiming it is too dense and would spoil the view of the new regional park. Some residents of nearby Seacliff have also attacked the project, saying too many units are planned for too small an area.

Tom Zanic of Urban West Communities, co-developer of the project, said Surfcrest North is well planned. He said the developers have faithfully met all the requirements of the city's Planning Commission. Zanic has also noted that the City Council approved the project Aug. 17 on a 4-2 vote.

Mayor Grace Winchell, one of the council members who voted against Surfcrest North, joined Amigos de Bolsa Chica in appealing the project to the Coastal Commission. The state commission has the final say over zoning matters affecting coastal land.

In urging rejection, the Coastal Commission staff agreed with the contention by project opponents that Surfcrest North does not meet Huntington Beach's land-use plan.

Surfcrest North was a campaign issue in November in the city elections. David Sullivan, a slow-growth advocate who was running for a seat on the council, charged that the old City Council majority "flip-flopped" on its votes to accommodate the Surfcrest developer. Sullivan won election and he has become a part of the new slow-growth City Council majority.

Zanic has said that Surfcrest North has been unfairly attacked.

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