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Make Mine Muskrat

April 15, 1993|CHARLES PERRY

During muskrat season (December through March), two restaurants in Smyrna, Del., had the aquatic rodent on their menus. "It's better than squirrel," commented David Simpler, a muskrat fancier and patron of Mary Etta's Family Restaurant. "Squirrel can be a little tough."

Savor Our Sandwich

Subway Sandwich Shops are hoping to collect more than 3 million cans of food for the needy between 3 and 4:30 p.m. this Sunday. To encourage us to donate cans, Subway will give donors a free six-inch sub as thanks. The food will be distributed by Share Our Strength, a restaurant food charity.

Hale Ale

Golden Promise claims to be the first organic real ale brewed anywhere in the world (they must mean recently --everything was organic in the old days). The barley and hops are organically grown and chemicals aren't even allowed in cleaning the brewing equipment. Available in markets and liquor stores throughout the West.

Snack Fax

To promote its low-fat flavored rice cakes, Quaker Oats commissioned a survey of snacking in Los Angeles. Some interesting results: 65% said they snacked because they didn't have time to take a meal, and 65% said they snacked when watching TV (maybe that's not the same 65%). And only 3% admitted to midnight snacking.

So Washington Does Know How to Save Money

Nation's Restaurant News reports that at the Treasury Dept. Dining Room, a lunch of lobster, asparagus and poached pears costs a big $4.75.

For Really, Really, Really Finicky Cats

A company called CRP makes prenatal care nutritional supplements for expectant cats and dogs. At your more exclusive pet shops.

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