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Altadena : Utility's Election Invalidated

April 15, 1993

A Pasadena Superior Court judge has ruled that last year's Lincoln Avenue Water District board of directors election was invalid.

Concerned Shareholders of Lincoln Avenue Water sued the company, which provides most of Altadena with water, alleging a quorum of shareholders was not present.

Superior Court Judge Coleman Swart ruled Friday that the reelection last year of Robert Horner to the board was invalid.

However, Horner resigned his position on the board because of illness a few months before the judge's ruling.

Swart said John Clairday, appointed to replace Horner, is a valid board member.

Board member Bob Gomperz said the ruling would have no effect on the water company. However, he said, many issues in the lawsuit regarding the board's actions remain unresolved.

The lawsuit is part of a battle between the water company's management and a group of minority shareholders who contend that the company charges excessive rates for water.

"I hope when we get the judge's written order, it resolves more of the arguments," Gomperz said.

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