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Jews' Objections to School's Spring Rites

April 15, 1993

The Jewish parents objecting to "symbols of spring" at a Culver City school (Times, April 1) should read the highly regarded "Guide and Commentary of the Jewish Holidays."

"Another name for Passover is hag ha aviv-- the holiday for spring . . . not simply by coincidence but by design."

Spring is the rebirth of the Earth. The Exodus was the rebirth of a people enslaved in Egypt.

Easter celebrates the resurrection--coming back to life.

That's why the egg, a symbol of rebirth, is common to both holidays.

True, the Easter season in many lands unleashed persecution of Jews for the false charge that they were responsible for the Crucifixion. But to credit of the church, albeit belatedly, that wrongful message found in the passion play has given way to doctrine that recognizes we are brothers--that Christianity grew out of Judaism.

The protesting Jewish parents need to look at the calendar. Easter is the only Christian holiday set on the basis of the Passover period and the Jewish lunar calendar.

We may differ on how the Messianic Age will come into being. But all people yearn for days of peace.


Pacific Palisades

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